ASTA Destination Expo 2020 (ADE)

ASTA Destination Expo is an international business event and gathering of American Association of Travel Advisers (ASTA). It has been held since 2006, every year in a different destination in order to familiarise and connect its members with the stakeholders of the tourism industry of the selected destination. The ASTA Destination Expo 2020 will be held in Dubrovnik from December 3-6, 2020.

The Organiser expects up to 300-400 agents, members of the association arriving as well as up to 100 Croatian industry stakeholders. During the event Trade Show and B2B workshop will be held in the business part of the agenda.

The official event organizer is AmCro Travel, and the event program can be found on ASTA's official website or by clicking here.

HIT Dalmatia is a partner in the organization of the business part of the event, Trade Show and B2B workshop.



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